EphiGenia Kastanas


Her passion, sensibility, and her surrender to music is evident in her performance and daily life. In a time when most are experiencing the struggles of a depressed world, Ms. Kastanas uses her voice to bring the eros of music to all. Much like Greek Mythological character, Iphigenia, Ms. Kastanas honors her Greek heritage by sacrificing herself to her continuous practice, study, and performance of music. She demonstrates that the power of song can transcend both the performer and the listener in an experience that speaks to the senses awakening the mind, body and soul.

Ms. Kastanas’ soprano voice can be heard in all types of venues such as the operatic stage, places of worship, and concerts, respectively. Even though her repertoire includes standards that every vocalist and music listener are familiar with, she finds it exciting to venture in attempting the unknowns and, sometimes lost works that many overlook. In doing so, Ms. Kastanas’ unique selection of performance repertoire is refreshing to the listener as she captivates the composer’s intent in a passionate demonstration of character, situation, and emotion.



"It is Ms. Kastanas’ appetite for music and her desire to perform that allows her to feel at home on the performance stage. Her voice is filled with a confidence, vitality, and virtue that makes her a presence, one to remember."

A graduate of the Hartt School of Music-Univeristy of Hartford and Massachusetts native, Ms. Kastanas performs within the Northeast, however, never ceases to limit her performance destinations within the United States and in Europe. For instance, her most recent travels, she has performed in Texas and France yielding to perform on the opera stage Die ZauberflÖte (The Magic Flute) and Bagatelle.